Photo Gallery


SS 061 Chang Bogo in Hawaii

SS 066 Lee jongmoo and USS Columbus observed by P3 during RIMPAC98

A ChangBogo class and P-3C Orian, joint exercise

SS 067 Chong Un, sea trial

SS 062 Yi Chon

SS 062 Yi Chon Launching Ceremony

SS 062 Yi Chon

An ROK Navy P3C flies over Kaneohe Bay enroute to missile shoot during RIMPAC98

ROK Navy at RIMPAC (a Ulsan class frigate the second from the right)

FF 952 Seoul, Ulsan class frigate

An ROK Navy Lynx is approcahing to land on the ship

PCC 758 Kyongju, Pohang class corvette in patrol mission in Dokdo seashore

AOR 57 Chunji, name ship of Chunji class, replenishment oiler

DDH 971 King Kwanggatto, name ship of KDX-1 class

FF951 Ulsan (?)

Exocet Shooting from PCC


twin 40mm "Nobong" developed by Daewoo


Last Update : Oct 21, 1998


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