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[Sep.21,1999]Defense Ministry eyes competition for navy destoyer program
[Sep. 3,1999]Pyongyang declares unilateral nullification of sea border
[Sep. 2,1999]Seoul, Moscow agree on joint naval drill
[Sep. 1,1999] Russian defense minister expected to pitch submarine sales to Seoul
[Aug.31,1999] New locally developed destroyer to join Navy's fleet tomorrow

[Aug. 24,1999] Sligtly updated index page and Photos gallery, newly added insignia pages
[Aug.21,1999]Defence Ministry to select new submarines
[June 15,1999]Minute-to Minute situation S-N Clash
[June.15,1999]S-N Korean warship exchange gunfire
[June.14,1999]N.K naval boats cross sea border again
[June.12,1999]South Korean naval ships butt intruding N.K boats

A damaged SK patrol boat is returnning from battle area [ June 15,1999 ]

SK ship left, is in pursuit of NK ship which is running away, driven by a bump and push tactic of SK vessel [June 15,1999, Korea Times news ]

Type209 Changbogo Class Data Facts

ROK Navy Submarine Flotilla Insignia

ROK Navy Photo Gallery

ROK Navy News

Third World Submarines

During the Falklands/Malvinas war a single Argentine Type 209 managed to elude 15 British frigates and the antisubmarine carriers. The San Luis maneuvered into torpedo range of the British fleet and launched three torpedoes, although all three shots were unsuccessful.....

Type209 Sub, A Success on The Export Market

Type209 Subs servicing world ocean underwater

Submarine/Navy Related Infromation Link from ADD (Korean Only)

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